Ten Trip Ticket (Develop and Scanning)

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Want to shoot more film? Here is the most affordable way to shoot film. Pre Purchase 10 Develop and Scans to be used partially or all at once.

Simply choose the Film Type (Colour or B&W) and the Resolution (Social or Medium) and we'll take care of the rest. When sending films in please note that you have a Ten Trip Ticket.

Please note;

  • Tickets are not interchangeable (for example if you purchase a Colour Social Res ticket you can't use it for B&W films)
  • Ten Trip Tickets are stored in-store so you don't lose it. Nothing is posted out when purchased.
  • Please select 'store my negatives' at check out.
  • If this is for a gift please email us so we can process the order in a different way. Email: hello@splendid.nz
  • All films developed and scanned using Ten Trip Tickets will be turned around within one week (our most economic way of processing), where possible we will turn films around quicker. 
  • For 35mm or 120 films only, other formats that require manual scanning not included.