Download Your Scans

Have you received scans from us via our shared Google Drive folder?

While this is a convenient and secure way to access the files from any device with the link. However, the files are still hosted on Splendid's Drive and you may want to back them up to your own storage. Here are some options for doing that.

Download to offline storage:

When you have logged into your own Google profile and want to download all your scans click the arrow next to your named SPLENDID SCANS folder and click download

this will create a single zip file to download onto your computer.

and then all you need to do is extract the files to have everything backed up.


If you don't have a Google account you will have less options but it will look like this

or if you want to pick and choose what you download do as below

and the do the same as above, extract the zip into your preferred photos backup place.

To copy (move) the files to your own drive follow these 3 easy steps:

Make sure you are logged into your Google account

First, create a new folder in your Google Drive

Then select the folders you would like to move from the "shared with me" ..SPLENDID SCANS folder. Click the top 3 dots menu and then Move to

Google will bring up suggested places, if not there then search through All locations to find the new folder you created.

This will move your scanned files and folders out of the Splendid Drive and into your own Drive.