Rollei Infrared (120, 200 - 400ISO)

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Infrared Photography is pretty difficult. Sean is trying to learn to be able to offer you advice, but don't wait for him, hit your own research online. Really need to use a Infrared Filter (IR72) or Deep Red Filter to get better results.

Words from Rollei:

Rollei Infrared is a hyper-panchromatic black and white film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 200/24 °-400 / 27°. Rollei Infrared 400 is ideal for experimental photography, creative applications and scientific photography. We recommend this film for the experimental photographer. Exposure is carried out using black filters and leads to results with an unusual tonal reproduction.


• medium to high-speed hyper-panchromatic black and white film, ISO 200/24 ° -400 / 27 ° up to the infrared range 
• resolving power contrast 1000:1 = 160 lines/mm 
• RMS granularity (x1000) = 11 
• distinct reaction to different filters right up to the infrared range 
• good for push/pull processing 
• good tone reproduction at fine differentiation in the infrared spectrum, depending on the filter, 715 - 750 nm recommended 
• great maximum density 
• transparent: => ideal for scanning and as a slide 
• anti-curling layer ensures optimum flatness