Kodak XTOL Film Developer (Powder to make 5L Stock)

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Kodak Professional XTOL Developer is a two-part powder developer for black and white film, characterized by its ability to maintain full film speed and offer notably fine grain and high sharpness. It is suitable for push and pull development, has excellent shelf life, and is a clean-working solution with stable performance for a variety of processing methods. Its ascorbic acid-based composition contains no hydroquinone and is convenient to mix at room temperature. This packet contains enough chemistry to make 5 liters of fresh working solution and can also be used as a replenisher for exhausted full-strength working solutions.

  • Powder B&W Film Developer
  • Ascorbic Acid-Based, No Hydroquinone
  • Full Film Speed and Normal Contrast
  • Very Fine Grain and High Sharpness
  • Suitable for Push/Pull Development
  • Can Also Be Used as Replenisher