Ilford XP2 Super Disposable Camera (27exp, ISO400) *B&W FILM*

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Who doesn't love a disposable camera? Sure it's kinda wasteful but it's a lot of fun! This bad boy has 27 festival photos just waiting to be taken. Or better yet give 'em to your kids when you go on holiday, good way of teaching them to not blow through 27 photos at the airport! It has a flash to light up your life just when you need it. Also we can develop it for you and email you the photos. Just like a digital camera just a bit slower!

Wise words from Ilford:

The ILFORD XP2 SUPER Single Use Camera is an easy to use, fun camera with the added convenience of C41 processing (meaning it can be processed at most high-street photo labs).

The versatile, fine grain, ISO 400 film contained in this camera makes it suitable for most indoor and outdoor shooting situations and is therefore ideal for parties, festivals, weddings, street photography and outdoor events. It contains a built-in flash for low light shooting.

Single use, black & white camera with 27 exposures of XP2 SUPER film and a built-in flash. It can be processed at Splendid (in C41 chemistry).

  • Single use camera
  • XP2 SUPER black & white film
  • 27 exposures
  • Built in flash
  • Convenience of C41 processing