Ilford SFX200 Film (120, 200ISO)

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Intersting film, it has a heightened red sensitivity so it mimics an Infrared film but doesn't have the saga of shooting a dedicated IR film. If you want to exagerate the IR characteristics use a deep red/IR filter on the front o your lens! Also is a good medium speed 200ISO film.

Here is what Ilford say about it:

ILFORD SFX 200 is a medium speed black & white film with extended red sensitivity which makes it the perfect choice for infra-red style images.

When used with a deep red filter, SFX 200 renders blue skies almost black and green vegetation almost white to create a stunning infra-red look to your shots.

Unlike traditional infra-red materials, SFX 200 can be loaded in subdued light and is compatible with all normal black & white developers producing high quality negatives of moderate contrast.

SFX 200 can also be used with other coloured filters such as yellow, orange or light red to produce equally dramatic special effects.