Ilford Ilfotol Wetting Agent (1L Concentrate)

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Your films will love this nice little clean afteryou've washed them. And your scans wll love it even more. Helps by alleviating drying marks. Oh and this makes heeeeaps of Workign Solution. Makes 201 litres (1:200 dilution)

Here is what Ilford have to say:

ILFORD ILFOTOL is a non-ionic wetting agent used as a final rinse before drying films. It can be used in all manual and machine processes to greatly reduce the risk of drying marks being formed.

It can also be used as a final rinse before drying fibre based prints to provide rapid, even drying. ILFOTOL is part of the ILFORD Optimum permanence sequence for fibre based papers.

Additionally, ILFOTOL can be used to clean glass and plastic lenses and filters and as an anti-static treatment.