Ilford FP4Plus (120, 125ISO)

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The slower, finer grain sibling of HP5Plus, nice easy to use film. Good for beginners as it has plenty of latitude so you don't have to nail your exposures. Plus it works well in tricky lighting (bascially any NZ daylight!) 125ISO so watch your minimum shutter speeds later in the day.


Here is what Ilford have to say:

ILFORD FP4 PLUS is a medium speed, all-purpose black & white film with very fine grain and outstanding sharpness.

It has superb exposure latitude above and below its ISO 125, (meaning it can be both push or pull-processed). This makes FP4 PLUS a highly capable film for most photographic subjects, scenarios and lighting conditions.

It particularly excels at highly detailed subjects in good indoor and outdoor lighting conditions and is therefore an ideal film for portraits, fashion, street, product photography, landscapes and architecture.

FP4 PLUS can be processed in a wide range of different developers using spiral tanks, deep tanks and automatic processors.