Ilford Ilfochrome 100 Color Reversal (135, 24exp, 100ISO)

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ILFORD ILFOCHROME 100 is a color reversal film (also known as slide or transparency), which means it produces positive images directly on the film.

ILFOCHROME 100 film captures high-resolution photos, while faithfully reproducing skin tones to deliver rich, saturated colors with fine grain, making it ideal for both professional and amateur applications. This film excels in various lighting conditions, offering consistent performance whether shooting under daylight or artificial light sources. Its balanced contrast ensures details are rendered sharply, while its robust latitude provides ample room for creative exposure adjustments without compromising quality.

ILFORD ILFOCOLOR 100 Color Reversal film requires E-6 chemical process to develop, such as the ILFORD ILFOCOLOR E6 Chemical Kit.

This product is produced using Eastman 5294 color reversal film. All trademarks are the property of their respective companies.


Also available in 36 exposures.