Hama Skies Brag Book (softcover album, holds 24 6 x 4 photos)

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Just like your grandparents used to have. A flipalbum holding 24 photos, but you can change out the front and back cover holding 28 photos.

  • A flip album allows you to archive your photos clearly and quickly, with little effort
  • Handy and straightforward photo archiving: a quick way to create a photo album
  • Pictures can be slid into the insert pockets from either side
  • Quick overview in the flip book style: rapid leafing thanks to overlapping arrangement
  • Film is separated by paper, preventing the photos from sticking together
  • Two photos per film pocket: excellent protection from soiling, fingerprints and bending
  • Ideal for everyone who wants to store their photos tidily and safely without any fuss
  • Laminated art print: resilient, long-lasting binding that is easy to wipe clean