CineStill REDRUM (120, 200ISO)

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Heeere's REDRUM!

All work and no play makes film a dull photo. Try experimenting with REDRUM 120 medium format red scale film.

Come and play with this limited edition, unique color negative film that has been reverse-rolled for exposing through the base of the film, rather than directly to the emulsion. Enter room 237 to produce dramatic red, yellow, and orange toned images. 

Produced using CineStill’s 800T emulsion, this film is uniquely appropriate for red-scale photography because there is no anti-halation layer to disrupt the light, resulting in higher speed (ISO 200), better sharpness and color.

Get this limited edition film while you can because you won't be able to shoot it forever, and ever, and ever. 


  • Color negative film
  • Red scale film - monochromatic red, yellowish hues
  • 120 medium format
  • ISO 200
  • Factory spooled