Slik U9000 Tripod (With 3-Way Head)

$115.00 $179.00
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The SLIK U 9000 is popular the world over with photo enthusiasts and people who just love taking pictures.

The 1,500mm maximum height puts it at eye-level when its fully extended. A smooth moving “fluid effect” pan head with one handle operation makes moving the positioning the camera quick and simple. The nicely sized quick release plate makes attaching the camera to the tripod even faster.

Other features of the SLIK U 9000 include speed release lever locks for extending and retracting the legs. Retractable metal spikes within the hard rubber foot pads for secure footing on almost any surface.

Regardless if you use a high-end point-and shoot, mirrorless camera or light-weight DSLR with the kit lens the SLIK U 9000 can handle it.