'Happy Camera' re-useable Camera

Regular price $39.95

Want to have all the fun of a disposable camera without the one time waste? Or maybe you want to have a cheap and cheerful camera for times when you don't want you flash and fancy camera. Or maaaaybe you havea  freind you'd like to share the joy of analogue photography?!?! Never fear, 'Happy Camera' is here!

We commandered some cheap and cheerful re-useable cameras so everyone can experience analogue photography. 

This plastic camera has the added benefits of a reusable design, including a film rewinding mechanism and latched door, and the built-in flash is powered by a replaceable, included AAA battery. The camera also incorporates a fixed-focus wide-angle lens, fixed shutter speed, and a clear window viewfinder for lining up your shots.

Because it is cheap and cheerful we highy recommend you look after it. A couple of decent drops and parts will break and it will no long be re-useable.