Develop and Scan - Social Resolution (35mm & 120 B&W)

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Develop and Scan - Social Resolution B&W 135/120 Films

Perfect for Instagram/Facebook or just sharing online. This resolution will give you a standard 6x4 inch print (at 300DPI)

  • Resolution is 1200 x 1800 pixels (at 135 format, 120 is 1200 pixels on the shortest edge)
  • Print size is 6 x 4 inches (at 135 format, 120 is 4inches on the shortest edge)
  • 35mm & 120 films only

For more information on our services check out our 'Things You Should Know Upfront' page here.

35mm scanning for standard frame size only (24x36mm)

120 scanning for 645 up to 6x9

Other frame sizes may be possible but will incur a manual scanning surcharge.