July 16, 2018

We are Splendid!

We are Splendid!

Hi and thanks for coming to our web-store. Here is a short article explaining who we are and what we do.
When I started it the idea was to be an antithesis to the current digitally driven market. Don't get me wrong digital is good but people (consumers) tend to get wrapped up in 'edge-to-edge sharpness' and 'dynamic range' and 'megapixels'. Again, don't get me wrong, high quality, sharpness and DR is important, but the problem I saw was the fun within photography has been forgotten in the pursuit of perfection and as we all know perfection doesn't exist.

The idea of Splendid is to make it fun again. Focus more on the output and sharing of photography and the joy of taking pictures and creating art than on the science of sensors and glass. We will triumph photography in all it's forms (yes, even digital!) and relish in the process; from creating, editing, printing to displaying and sharing.

Our goal is to assist photographers in where ever their project takes them. We would like to be there from the beginning, selecting a camera; mid way point, selecting the right film or equipment; all the way to helping with exhibiting in what ever form they choose.

Over the next few months we'll be launching initiatives that will help photographers, hold group shows and bring products and services to New Zealand that aren't readily available here.

Take a look around our site, please know it's a work in progress and if you have any ideas, projects or shows that you need a hand on or want to talk about, get in touch! We like beer so we'll talk about photography for as long as the beer is cold.

sean aickin



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