June 17, 2020

My Splendid Camera - Matt Evans

My Splendid Camera - Matt Evans

Matt Evans loves film, the weirder the better and he also loves cameras, the weirder the better. We asked what his favourite camera is and he chose the mighty Holga!

I’ve got a nice collection of mostly 35mm compacts / rangefinders and found it tough trying to pick out a favourite camera for this. I genuinely thought it would be something compact, but there is one camera I always find myself gravitating back to again and again. Not for its technical prowess, feature set or its image quality. More so for its lack of these things, its whimsy, its sheer ability to bring joy in its simplicity. Shooting with a Holga you realise it's not just a tool for creating images but a great conversation starter, often with complete strangers who mistake it for a child's toy and want to know more. Even though it’s clearly not the most advanced camera with random light leaks and a less than impressive lens, when you pair it with some appropriate speed film for the situation I am always blown away with the results. In my opinion everyone should shoot with one at least once!

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