My Splendid Camera - Duncan Manning (Polaroid SX70)

Posted by sean aickin on

Duncan works in our Lab processing all of your lovely films! He also shoots a ton of Film and he especially loves Polaroid and instant photography. His favourite camera is his Polaroid SX70

"The SX-70 is my favourite camera because it is the best designed camera of all time (don’t @ me). No other camera can slip into your back pocket and create the classic square frame instant memory like an SX-70. It is a marvel of engineering to this day. I haven’t created my most shared photographs with this camera, but I have created the photographs that mean the most to me with this camera. There is something special about instant film. It is one of the only mediums that the final print was physically in the exact location you captured the photo. It’s a full darkroom in a print!"

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