January 05, 2022

(analogue) Photographer of the Month (Jan '22) - Josh Wotton

(analogue) Photographer of the Month (Jan '22) - Josh Wotton

Name: Joshua Ethan Wotton
Instagram Handle: @jw.archives
Website: https://joshuawotton.com/

How did you get into photography?
I’ve always been a super visual guy. When I was a kid I would play around and take photos on my mum’s camera on the odd occasion, but I never really thought anything of it until one night back in 2015 I borrowed my mate’s camera and took it out to the club. When I got the photos back I was hooked. I started doing portrait shoots, fashion shoots, anything I could to take photos. 

Do you have any technical training? (like uni or school?)
Nope, none. Fully self-taught. 

Do you shoot much digital? 
Not often, I shoot it on the odd occasion when it’s needed at my 9-5, but I actually sold my digital camera shortly after getting it to upgrade lenses on my film camera.

What was the driving force behind you moving to entirely analogue for your personal work? And what are the reasons you shoot digital in your 9-5?
I just prefer the look, feel and overall experience you get with shooting film. It allows me to be more in the moment (I’m not overly technical). There have been times at work where I have shot film, but at work it’s a lot more clean cut and sharp - we have a certain look and aesthetic to keep the brand aligned with. 

You shoot a lot of nightclub/gigs, how did you get into this? 
I have a few great friends who are artists or run events so it came organically – who doesn’t want to work and party alongside your friends while getting to work on your passion? Once you start building a portfolio it doesn’t take long to snowball.    

I could imagine it would get quite difficult shooting gigs. All the people, very loud music, not much control of the lighting, is this what attracts you to it? 
Yeah haha it’s a lot! But yo, I think that’s what I love about it. I absolutely love people and loud music, I love being able to run around capturing people having a good time. It can get tiring at times but it’s fun and someone’s gotta be that person documenting it. And yeah, no control whatsoever over lighting, you have strobes, lights changing every few seconds and smoke machines. That’s why I tend to opt in for flash and focus more on the people. 

Quick fire ten questions

  1. 35mm or 120? Currently - 35mm 
  2. Colour or B&W? Colour
  3. Zoom Lenses or Fixed? Fixed
  4. Portrait or Landscape (Orientation)? Portrait 
  5. Flash or Natural Light? Natural light for all my day time shoots, I generally always shoot flash for gigs
  6. SLR (or TLR) or Rangefinder or Point and Shoot? Rangefinder
  7. Must be razor sharp or more about the aesthetic? Preferably, razor sharp
  8. Favourite Camera? I’m gonna have to say my trusty beater, the Contax G1, this thing never lets me down and it has gone through some shit. I'm talking festivals, dust, drinks poured on it, hours of dancing, dropped and handled by randoms! I’m not too big on gear, if it works and takes a photo that's me. I’m happy.
  9. Favourite Photographer?  (Please supply a website or instagram) I’m really inspired artistically by the older fashion photographers like Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon & David Bailey. Locally - Ans Westra, she's amazing. But some of my favourite current younger photographers are Cian Moore @sweetcian & Brock Fetch @brockfetch.
  10. Favourite Photo Book? Helmut Newton - WORK. I got this book while I was in Amsterdam viewing one of his Exhibitions at the Foam Photography Museum. I think being there and seeing his work in person is why I love this book so much. His body of work throughout his career is incredible.

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