Theories X Manhattan Portage VX Bag Black

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Large shoulder bag, ideal for a larger 35mm SLR kit or standard medium format kit with a spare lens and accessories. It was deisgned to carry a VX Video camera (as described below) but we find it works well with any larger camera set up.

Working closely in collaboration with NYC bag maker, Manhattan Portage, Josh Stewart custom developed this lightweight and fully skate-able camera bag SPECIFICALLY designed to the dimensions of a VX1000. Including pockets to hold 2 extra VX batteries, your eye-piece, phone and netted external pockets for wax, tapes and a tool, this bag packs the features of a full camera bag without the physical burden. For comfort and security, it features an optional support strap to keep the bag locked in place between your shoulder blades while pushing down the street. Constructed from durable black cordura and a red nylon lining, this unique design will be a Godsend for every VX filmer who has killed their back wearing a heavy camera bag and just needs something simple for a day out in the city.