Splendid AERO100 (135, 24exp, 100ISO) w/develop and scanning

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This is a house spooled (by Splendid) film into recycled canisters, it may suffer from ‘light piping’ when loaded in bright conditions, this is due to the films base layer being thinner than most current films available.
Please load camera in subdued light and if your camera has a film confirmation window we suggest covering it.
It gives AERO100 its characteristic look but can cause fogging in certain lighting conditions.

  • Film is a house spooled Kodak AEROCOLOR IV 24exposure into recycled canisters.
  • Film includes Social Res Scans with 1 week turnaround.
  • You can 'upgrade' to quicker services or higher res scans, just pay the difference.
  • Splendid AERO100 is DX coded

KODAK AEROCOLOR IV Negative Film 2460 is a medium-speed, very fine-grain colour negative aerial film. This film has a wide exposure latitude and is specifically designed for processing to a colour negative only. Since this film does not have integral colour masking, direct interpretation can be made from the negative. Objects are recorded in colours complementary to their natural colours.