Fujifilm QuickSnap Disposable Camera with Flash (135, 27exp, 400ISO)

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QuickSnap FLASH Superia X-TRA 400

Pre-loaded with Fujicolor Superia 400 speed film. Compact and easy-to-use. The QuickSnap Flash 400 camera features a compact body and comes pre-loaded with Fujicolor 400 speed film. This One-Time-Use camera produces very sharp pictures and features a built in flash with a 10ft flash range. The QuickSnap Flash 400 camera is fun & easy to use, and is great for taking pictures indoors or outdoors. The continuous flash switch makes it easier to take multiple shots, letting you concentrate entirely on the pictures!


    Item FUJICOLOR QuickSnap FLASH Superia X-TRA400

    Film FUJICOLOR SUPERIA X-TRA400 (ISO 400/27°) 135 - 27 exp.

    Number of Exposures 27

    Lens Plastic lens, 32mm f/10, fixed focus lens

    Shutter Speed 1/100 sec.

    Exposure Conditions Outdoors on sunny or slightly overcast days. Flash where required.

    Subject-to-Lens Distance From 1m to infinity

    Finder Inverted Galilean-type plastic lens finder

    Flash Built-in electronic flash (Effective subject-to-flash distance : 1m - 3m)

    Dimensions 115(W) x 54(H) x 34(D) mm

    Weight 90g