Splendid Photo x 121 Festival

Splendid Photo x 121 Reloaded Camera.

We have worked with 121 to be able to offer you a great film camera to record your festival experience, and isn't a disposable camera! We have reloaded used disposable cameras with Amber D400 CineFilm that is perfect for this weekend's festivities. For best results please remember to use the flash (by holding down the four 121 logos on the front until the red light on the top is illuminated and keeping it held down as you shoot.)

AND what's more, if you're willing to share the images with 121 Festival the Develop and Scan is at no charge. Or if you'd rather not share your images then you can simply drop this camera back to us and we'll run you through the costs.

Please see T&Cs and below.
Terms and Conditions for free processing:

  • If camera is processed at no charge all scanned frames will be shared with 121 Festival at the same time as the client. By choosing this option and allowing all images to be shared you are agreeing to the images potentially being used by 121 Festival to advertise and promote any further festivals in any way they see fit.
  • All scanned images will be viewable by both 121 Festival and Splendid Photo.

Once you're ready click the camera below: