June 02, 2021

(analogue) Photographer of the Month - Wendy McCawe

(analogue) Photographer of the Month - Wendy McCawe

Name: Wendy McCawe
Instagram handle: @wendalls99

  • How did you get into photography? 

My grandad was always taking photos when i was a kid and I guess that’s what sparked my interest in photography.

  • You’ve shot film since before it was an ‘option’, have you ever had the urge to shoot digital? 

No not really, I have a digital camera but only really use it for family get togethers and even then it has my grandads old screw mount 50mm lens on it, so it kinda feels like I’m shooting film still.

  • A lot of your images seem to be shot whilst on a journey, do you plan this or just a by-product of carrying a camera all the time? 

Carrying my camera all the time is quite a big thing for me as I often see things on my travels worth photographing.

  • Are there certain elements of a street scene that catches your eye? 

Weird stuff haha.

  • It seems that a lot of your night images are with available light and very little flash photography. Is there a reason for this? 

Flash makes things ugly, but also my LCA doesn’t have a built-in flash so I would have to carry an external flash. 

  • You use a lot of Lomography cameras, including a couple of LCA cameras, what is it about them that you like? 

They’re easy to use and I really like the LCA’s lens.

  • Any hot tips for your photogs trying out film for the first time? 

Don’t take it too seriously and have fun.

Quick fire ten questions:

  1. 35mm or 120? 35mm
  2. Colour or B&W? Colour
  3. Zoom Lenses or Fixed? Fixed
  4. Portrait or Landscape (Orientation)? Landscape
  5. Flash or Natural Light? Natural light
  6. SLR (or TLR) or Rangefinder or Point and Shoot? Point and shoot
  7. Must it be razor sharp or more about the aesthetic? Aesthetic
  8. Favourite Camera? LCA 35mm
  9. Favourite Photographer? Ed van der Elsken
  10. Favourite Photo Book? Love on the left bank by Ed van der Elsken

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