July 12, 2021

(analogue) Photographer of the Month - Marco Brambilla

(analogue) Photographer of the Month - Marco Brambilla

Name: Marco Brambilla
Instagram handle: @brambillamarco

How did you get into photography?

My friend James (you know him) introduced myself to photography around 2 years ago and I was amazed by his pictures and I still am today.
I started with a point & shoot with no knowledge at all but it was so nice and challenging I couldn't stop. So after a while I realised that that point and shoot wasn’t enough anymore.
Thank god my sister had a present for me, it was a beautiful Ikoflex Ic that I'm still using today. 
I forgot to mention the amount of pictures I f****d up before I learnt how to use it.

Oh so you’re fairly new to it all, growing up in Italy you weren’t ever tempted to photograph your landscape? 

At that time I wasn’t really into photography, it was more something to keep memories and that’s it but when I went back last time and I was around Milan taking pictures I felt like a kid on Xmas morning, it was beautiful, omg those buildings!!
Sorry I forgot to mention I love buildings!


With no formal training it’s impressive that you can capture some visually pleasing images. Have you always had an ‘eye’ for good composition or is it from all the images you messed up beforehand?

Are you telling me I can have a refund for all those pictures I messed up? Please send me the refund form!
I’m using my medium format camera a lot lately and I reckon having a focusing screen of that size really helps.
You know, you learn from your mistakes, especially when they are getting expensive AF!

You like expired films, why?

Man let me be honest, they’re cheap AF!!
They have beautiful colours, not too sharp, not too grainy, it’s something in the middle, those colours look painted sometimes and even if I had funny results a couple of times I really like to take the risk.

Your insta-feed is quite varied, what is your favorite subject to photograph?

I like still objects, they don’t move, they don’t talk, they don’t pose, you have so much time to decide the perfect angle.
There’s always something that attracts me about them, it can be a beautiful shadow or the perfect light pointing at them.

Ha I understand that, so do you just wander around town looking for shots or do you find them and come back and wait for the light to be right?

I used to wander around a lot, unfortunately Wellington is not that big and I have the feeling I have been everywhere already but I don’t give up,you always find something interesting.
I always try to get the best from the light, it just depends what time of the day I am around, I don’t really like to schedule too much.

Quick-fire ten questions:

  1. 35mm or 120? 120
  2. Colour or B&W? Both
  3. Zoom Lenses or Fixed? Fixed
  4. Portrait or Landscape (Orientation)? Portrait
  5. Flash or Natural Light?  Natural light
  6. SLR (or TLR) or Rangefinder or Point and Shoot? SLR / TLR
  7. Must be razor sharp or more about the aesthetic? Aesthetic
  8. Favourite Camera? Ikoflex Ic
  9. Favourite Photographer?  Fred Herzog
  10. Favourite Photo Book? Fred Herzog - Modern Color

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