S/hand Canon A-1 Body (****684)

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This camera is in store at 85 Constable St.


Fine Print:

  • All second hand cameras and equipment sold by Splendid have been tested. 

  • If required disposable batteries have been replaced.

  • All second hand cameras and equipment come with a 45 day warranty (unless otherwise specified)  Any issues within this period will be resolved by Splendid.

  • We pride ourselves on offering good condition second hand cameras at fair prices, if you receive the camera and are unhappy for any reason get in touch and we’ll take it from there.

  • Photos are of model for sale (unless otherwise specified.)

  • Please note that some cameras may be sold on behalf of original owners.


Ratings (out of 10)

10 100% original condition, new in box with all packaging and paperwork. 

9.5 100% original condition, unused, no paperwork and/or box.

9 90-99% original condition, minor use with no visible blemishes.

8 80-89% original condition, signs of use, fully operational with clean glass.

7 70-79% original condition, signs of hard use, operational with clean glass. 

6 60-69% original condition, signs of extensive use, glass may have mould. may have operational issues (listed where possible).

5 50-59% original condition, well used, operational (possibly with issues).

4 30-49% original condition, may need repairs to be fully operational.

3 15-30% original condition, not operational but has most parts.

2 less than 15% original condition missing or damaged parts, possibly unrepairable. Purchase for parts only. (please enquire on these items, if looking specific parts)
1 Not operational.