Psych Blues #2 (135, 36exp, 400ISO)

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DISCLAIMER! PLEASE READ! This is an experimental film. The effects on any pre-exposed film can be unpredictable, but I have put many hours of research and development into the rolls I make, and believe they're consistent enough to sell. This film can definitely enhance your images, but it can also yield undesirable results depending on your taste and preferences

All films are regular color negative film (C41) and can be developed by any photo lab who processes color film like us!!

Psychedelic Blues #2 is hand fogged with various sources of light. A red/orange fade comes from the top on the negative, and a green fade from the bottom. Since this is done by hand, these colors can vary slightly. There is also a prism burst on frame 12.

  • Fresh rolls of Kodak Ultra Max fogged by hand.
  • 36 exposures
  • 35mm 
  • C41 Process