Polaroid Spectra Colour (8 shots)

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Spectra cameras are wider than regular Polaroid cameras, which means they need their own, wider film. Simple, right? This color Spectra film gives you all the same clean tones and textures of our other Polaroid film packs, but with a wide-format frame. So whether you're taking breathtaking landscape photographs, or just trying to fit all your cousins in the family reunion photo, you've got a little more space to work with.

You Should Know:

Spectra cameras were not made in the same robust way as the 600 and SX-70 cameras, and we’ve had some real challenges to make sure they work with our film. After extensive testing, we have concluded that we cannot support Spectra cameras any longer and decided to discontinue production of the Spectra film format. (you can read more about it here). Sadly, that means this is the last batch of Spectra film available.

Since the aging Spectra cameras may not work well with our film 100% of the time, there’s a chance your Spectra film pack may jam. We’ll still do our best to support your purchase, though.