Langly Premium Leather Camera Strap

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When you’re upgrading your lens or buying a new camera, it’s easy to forget the camera strap that keeps your gear where it’s supposed to be.

It’s time for an upgrade. Langly’s Premium Leather Camera Strap is more than the chintzy nylon and plastic that came with your SLR. It’s tough as leather and padded with suede — a classic mix of durability and comfort that Langly is known for.

The Premium Leather Camera Strap features a quick release, easily fits SLRs, rangefinders, and binoculars, and can easily handle your heaviest camera/lens combinations.

The best part? This strap gets better with age, but it won’t wear itself out anytime soon.


  • 42" / 107cm


  • Made from premium leather that feels better with age.
  • Padded suede lining for additional comfort.
  • Eyelet support to fit any SLR, DSLR, rangefinder, or binoculars.
  • Quick release plastic buckles for added versatility.