Haldex 601 Li-ion Battery Charger

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Haldex 601 Compatible Li-Ion Charger  is a multi-purpose charger for specified Li-Ion digital camera batteries. 


  • USB charging facility
  • Plug-in AUS power adaptor, including 12V DC input with car lead included 
  • Easy to use 
  • Interchangeable battery plates, for digital cameras of a specified brand.  Built-in USB socket to charge practically all devices with USB charging facilities ie. iPhone, iTouch, MP3 etc


Please select the charger that is compatible with your battery:

Canon L Series Charger: with plates to suit NB6L, NB7L, NB9L, NB10L, NB11L NB12L

Canon E Series Charger: With plates to suit LP-E6, LP-E8, LP-E10, LP-E17

Fuji Charger: with plates to suit NP50, NP95, NP-W126, NP-85

Nikon Charger: with plates to suit ENEL14, ENEL15, ENEL19, ENEL20, ENEL21, ENEL23

OLYMPUS Charger: with plates to suit Li40B/42B, Li50B/70B, BLM1, BLS1/BLS5, BLN1, Li90B

Panasonic Charger: with plates to suit BCK7, CLE9, VBK180/VBK360, VBN130/VBN260, VBG6, BLF19

SONY Charger: with plates to suit BG1, BK1, BN1, FW50, BX1