EXPIRED Fujifilm NPS (120, 160ISO)

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Expired film is great. Mainly 'cause you don't know what you're going to get! Sure that can be annoying but if you really want to know exactly what you're getting use your iPhone.

Here is how Fuji describe NPS:

FUJICOLOR NPS 160 PROFESSIONAL [NPS] is a portrait-dedicated daylight-type short exposure professional color negative film with an ISO speed rating of 160 designed for shutter speeds of 1/8 second or faster. For exposure under daylight or daylight-type artificial light source, filters are not normally required. This film yields superb prints when used in conjunction with FUJICOLOR PROFESSIONAL PAPER SUPER FA TYPE SP.

  • Smooth, Natural Rendition of Skin Tones
  • Rich Gradation and Optimum Gray Balance
  • Accurate, Realistic Color Reproduction
  • Extremely Fine Grain and High Sharpness for the Achievement of Realistic Texture and Depth
  • Enhanced Reciprocity Characteristics
  • Greatly Improved Color Image Stability Under Dark Storage Conditions