Disderi Dart Lomo 35mm 4 Lens Film Camera

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Fun little toy camera from Disderi. Takes 35mm film. It is loaded with functional creativity. Capture your life in 4 step frames! No battery necessary, lightweight. No need to focus, just point and shot. Properly it may one of the best camera for party or road trip. Recommended if you enjoy some random pictures, you will have a wonderful time!

- Type: 35mm film (without flash)
- Lens: Optical lens, 28mm F8
- Shutter: Leaf shutter, speed 1/100 sec.
- Film to be used: 35mm color or black & white film
- View finder: Eye level finder
- Colors: Black Orange/ Black Pink/ Black Purple/ Black Blue
- Focusing: Free
- Material : Hard plastic
- Item weight : 90g
- Item size : 95mm x 63mm x 33mm

- Disderi dart film camera - 4 lens x 1 piece
- Strap (hooked on the camera) x 1 piece
- English manual x 1 piece

Have fun!