Benro 82mm Master Circular Polariser for FH100M2

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82mm Master CPL Filter

For use with FH100M2 Filter Holder

The 82mm Master CPL from Benro is a circular polariser filter dedicated for use with the Benro FH100M2 Filter Holder. Unlike standard CPL filters, the 82mm Master CPL does not have a rotating front element, and the rotation is achieved by a mechanism on the holder. Without the rotating front element, the 82mm Master CPL is much easier to attach and remove compared to the previous system where the CPL had a front rotating element. 

Circular Polariser Filters are primarily designed to eliminate polarised light, producing increased colour saturation. This is particularly noticeable when photographing outdoor scenes, where a CPL filter will work to combat atmospheric fog to deepen the blue of the sky, highlight white clouds, and eliminate reflected light bringing detail back in to reflective surfaces such as water or glass. It will not affect picture colour.

To use the 82mm Master CPL with the FH100M2 filter holder first attach the holder to your lens using the adapter ring, then screw your 82mm circular filter on to the CPL dial wheel. This will allow you to rotate the CPL. 

Product Code: MACPL82