Bellini C41 MonoPart Developing Kit (1L)

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Monopart refers to the fact that uniquely, this kit has separate bleach and fix and a developer that needs diluting only prior to use as does the fix.  Bleach is supplied ready to use.

Easy to mix,  incredibly easy to use; if you can do b&w then you can do this!   It is quick too…it took us about 14 minutes from pouring in the developer to hanging to dry!

It produces beautifully rich results with stunning colour and contrast, and with the instructions followed properly you will find that it also yields the cleanest negatives.

This kit contains products to make 1 litre of Developer – 1 litre of Bleach-RA – 1 litre of Fixer RA and 10 litres of Stabilizer. It is made for the C41 negative film process at 38°C (C41-RA Rapid Access process). The capacity of this kit is 16 negative films (35 mm) of 24 exp.

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