4th Birthday Images - Gabriel Field

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To celebrate our 4th Birthday we asked a bunch of photographers to exhibit an image they have shot over the last four years, all images featured in a group exhibit at MEANWHILE Gallery. As apart of the celebration each image is available for purchase will all profits going to the artist.

Photographer: Gabriel Field
Instagram Handle: @gabfield

Title of Image: My memory is stink but this one isn't
Film: Kodak Elitechrome (Expired and Cross Processed)
Camera: Can't remember probably some heavy old thing made out of soviet tank scrap
Location: Naomi's grandma's place for the hydrangeas and an awa up north for swims

Favourite album from the last four years: Scallops Hotel - Soveign Nose Of Your Arrogant Face

Please note:

  • Images will be printed on an A4 sheet of paper with the border as shown in the sample image.
  • All images will be available to collect from 4th of November 2022. If you need it sooner than this please leave a note in the notes section.
  • Images are unsigned and open edition.
  • Photographer owns all copyright to images sold and exhibited.

Thanks to CRK NZ, JLX, Almighty and Parrotdog.