ORWO Wolfen NC400 Tungsten (135, 36exp, 400ISO)

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NC400 is one of two new 400iso C41 colour films produced by ORWO in Germany.
Both new colour films are based on unique AGFA Motion Picture film recipes from the 1990s.

Similar to its sister, NC500, but tungsten balanced with less grain and more deliberately vibrant in certain colours — you will find that the NC400 is uniquely balanced towards greens, desaturated shadows and a more subtle grain.
As a tungsten balanced film, NC400 is designed for shooting under artificial lighting.
It can be shot outdoors in daylight but will produce a cooler blue-toned images.

This is NOT re-branded or repackaged Kodak, Vision3 or Fujifilm, this is a brand new film made in Germany.

  • 400iso colour film
  • Tungsten balanced
  • 36exp per roll
  • Made in Germany
  • Brand new stock, fresh from the factory
  • Standard C41 colour developing