Benro Soft Grad 0.9 (3 Stops) ND Filter 100x150mm (fits FH100 System)

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Soft Grad 0.9 (3 Stops) ND WMC Filter 100x150mm for FH100 System

This Benro Soft Grad 0.9 ND WMC filter is a 100x150mm 3 stop graduated neutral density filter which smoothly transitions from being transparent on one end to being light-stopping on the other. This evenly stops the light entering your lens to gradually decrease the brightness of sky, or to decrease the contrast between the sky and ground. 

The WMC abbreviation is short for Waterproof Multi-Coating, which as well as being anti-reflective, makes this filter water and oil repellent and fingerprint and scratch resistant. It also features Ultra Low Chromatic Aberration Coating Technology (ULCA) for super high transmittance without creating unwanted colour casts.

This filter is 2mm thick and designed for use with the separately available Benro FH100 Filter Holder, however is usable with most 100mm filter holders.